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We are presented at the following trade fairs:

Unfortunately the booth no. resp. the fair halls are not always announced promptly.

The missing information will be entered up at the right time prior to the fair.

Wide range

Many more item categories and products you will find in our web shop.

For example:

- Novelties  

- Plush toys

- Plush toys extra

- Trend items

- Wooden items

- 3D items

- Indian and mystic

- Fair Trade

- Necklaces and bracelets

- Magnets

- Keychain items

- Zoo animals

- Sand filled animals

- Birds

- PVC and stretch toys

- Reptiles

- Aquatic animals

- Water globes

- Porcelain miniatures

- Forest- and wild animals

- Pets and farm animals

- Zodiac and gemstone items